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Choosing Cleaning Products Miss V

Keeping secret femininity Organ

Hygiene organ intimate and surrounding area should continue to be guarded. However, not bearti be too hygienic. Why? Because there is a vagina in a variety of microorganisms. Environment vagina of acid to maintain the useful microorganisms in the fixed amount of normal and balanced.

New Head of Public Health Center Central West of Balikpapan Cokorda Ratih explain, basically vagina ecosystem influenced by two main factors, the pathogen and laktobasilus (good bacteria), the percentage is 95 percent good bacteria are the remaining bacterial pathogen.

Well, if the balance is disrupted, the bacteria die laktobasilus akan akan pathogen and bacteria grow, so will the body vulnerable to infection.

"To be balanced ecosystem vagina, required level of acidity (pH balance) in the range of 3.8 - 4.2. With the level of acidity, the laktobasilus akan fertile pathogen bacteria and die. Then it is advisable to not choose the wrong cleaning products Miss V, "said a familiar female disapa dr Ratih this.

Mother of two children said, the general concluded, that this evil bacteria and good bacteria can be said to occur here, or in medical language, known as the balance of microorganisms komensal, which is normally available and does not cause disease, and pathogen causing the disease.

"For instance, clean the vagina with regular soap, which is basa, then a little more acidity vagina akan ternetralisasi and bacteria both cause death on the vagina," he said.

In the case at least this good bacteria, he added, then the bad bacteria will grow more so cause keseimbangannya disrupted. As one example of interference diakibatkannya is keputihan

More exposed, to keep the vagina, which need to be washed regularly is part of the vulva (lips Miss V, Red) carefully use water and soap soft waste water discharged each small, defecate, and when bath.

"What is important is what used to clean the sweat and bacteria on the outside of the vulva vagina. In part because the vagina is usually able to automatically maintain their own hygiene, "he said.
As for how to wash correctly, a dr Ratih, ie from the front of Miss V to the back (anus). Avoid washing out of the way, because it will cause the bacteria that are around the anus brought into Miss V.

"It is recommended to use water that is not too hot when membasuhnya. Because the hot water that can cause skin sensitivity in the vagina blister and abrasions, "he said.

Then, he added, before wearing pants again, first using a dry towel or tissue that does not contain perfume.

"Avoid the use of clothing in the nylon, because it can cause a feeling moist and trigger the growth of harmful bacteria. We recommend wearing underwear made of cotton, "he said.

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